One Connection - Infinite Possibilities

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One Connection - Infinite Possibilities

We have added a selection of 4G​ routers to the EAGLE PRO AI range. The G415 & G416 which combine the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology with AI and a 4G+ backup network, the EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 4G+ Smart Routers offer incredible Wi-Fi coverage and speed that’s always optimising and improving, for reliable, fast, and efficient Internet coverage that keeps you connected.*

The G403 is perfect to provide a network you can rely on to stay connected, even when your ISP’s broadband goes down. The built-in 4G / LTE backup network’s failover mode allows you to connect and share fast 4G LTE download speeds of up to 150 Mbps from anywhere, giving you peace of mind that you’ll always automatically stay online.


EAGLE PRO AI N300 4G Smart Router


EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 4G Smart Router


EAGLE PRO AI AX1500 4G+ Smart Router

Easily add more Wi‑Fi coverage.

From 1-storey flats to 4-storey houses, and basements to garden decks, simply add E15 Wi-Fi extenders to build a smart Mesh network. Enjoy seamless, high-speed Wi-Fi coverage that keeps you connected as you move from room-to-room, and eliminates blackspots in those hard-to-reach areas throughout your home.

Perfect for areas with limited or no access to fixed internet.

Ideal for hard-to-reach areas where fixed-line broadband is unreliable or unavailable.

All EAGLE PRO 4g routers offer two or four high-performance external antennas to ensure a strong, reliable 4G LTE delivering the strongest 4G connectivity possible to multiple devices at the same time – allowing you to stream, game or work, without having to worry about buffering, dropouts or interference.

Perfect for renters or pop up retail.

4G routers offer the perfect solution for people looking at short term rentals or pop up retail units such as food trucks etc.

Rather than entering into a long-term broadband contract which are often 12-18 months, a 4/5G sim card can be renewed on a monthly basis.

Perfect for caravans or mobile homes.

Add a superfast 4G connection to your mobile home or caravan. EAGLE PRO AI 4G routers have detachable antennas with SMA connectors, enabling replacement with those suitable for higher gain and wider coverage.

Failover mode, so you always stay online.

Designed with a constant network connection in mind, the router will automatically switch to the backup mobile internet when you need it most, allowing you to seamlessly stay online without interruptions and maintain your productivity.

EAGLE PRO AI from D-Link made in Taiwan
* Wi-Fi 6 is available on the G415 and G416 models only